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Co-mediation – Using a psychological paired approach to resolving conflict.

Editor: Monica Hanaway.

Contributing authors: Tricia Hayes, Diana Mitchell, Judith McKimm-Vorderwinker, Phil O’Hehir, Mary Lou Kennedy,  Paul Randolph, Jamie Reed.


At this time of increased interest in resolving conflict through mediation, this book offers a timely exploration of how using a co-mediation model brings a unique and valuable element 
to the mediation process. The work draws on the thoughts and experience of a number of experts in the field.

Students on mediation courses often hear of co-mediation but rarely have the opportunity to understand how it works and what the benefits may be. This book aims to address this for them but will also be of interest to all mediators and those with an interest in conflict resolution.


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Launch of Romanian translation of Co-Mediation book

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