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Avoid industrial tribunal costs as they are likely to be high. Reduce negative impacts of conflict on team performance that can affect revenue."I know for a fact that recently we should've tendered for a new contract which we would've got, had we been able to get it out in time, but because of all the squabbling within the office, it didn't happen. So you can see what's happening - it's costing us time and money."

  •  Eliminate recruitment agency costs for recruiting a replacement if the tribunal results in a dismissal.
  • Avoid additional potential loss of revenue during the down time prior to a replacement coming on board and during any training up.



Well-Being and Morale Boosting

"I’m being more direct with people and they really respect what I am saying."

  • Reduce numerous potential psychological impacts on the disputants and the wider team such as: symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression.
  • Reduce numerous potential behavioral impacts on the disputants and the wider team such: increased alcohol dependence, irritability, frustration, anger management problems, loss of motivation and self confidence.
  • Reduce potential for these issues to spill over into problems at home.
  • As a result, the value of early intervention has potential preventative benefits not only to affected employees but also their partners and families.


Positive and Motivational

"I understand how she works now. She’s very good at what she does. I’ve got more respect for her. It’s really exciting."

We have found that when resolution is achieved many of those involved have described the experience as ‘rewarding and exciting’ and feel that they are now free to move on.  This can have a positive and motivating effect on their colleagues and the organisation as a whole.


Positive and Motivational

Since the Employment Act 2002 (Dispute Resolution) Regulations came into force on 1st October 2004 all employers have to have in place minimum statutory procedures for dealing with dismissal, disciplinary action and grievances in the workplace. 

As a result, although providing conflict resolution services is not part of the employer’s legal responsibility, it is clear that providing access to Corporate Harmony services is likely to greatly increase the chances of achieving a timely resolution to any issue that arises.

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