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Conflict is a part of being human. We can’t avoid all conflict, it is everywhere and sometimes it is necessary and productive to move us from the staleness of the status quo. However, many oganisations and individuals can find conflict hard to deal with. Not dealing with it has huge costs, both financial and emotional and can prove to be very destabalising.

Corporate Harmony Ltd was formed because we believe that there are more productive ways of resolving conflict than taking people to court or employment tribunals.

Conflict costs business highly in terms of days lost to stress, lowering of morale, management time and lost productivity. Mediation offers a quick and relatively cheap way of resolving conflict whilst allowing people to understand why the conflict developed and how to avoid it in the future.

All conflict is emotionally draining for those in dispute. All CH mediators are psychologically trained and work effectively with the emotional impact as well as facilitating agreement about the facts of the case and future plans.

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